Real Estate Law in Evanston, IL

Find a Real Estate Attorney in Evanston, IL

Find a Real Estate Attorney in Evanston, IL

Work with a real estate attorney that has your back

When you need help settling a neighbor dispute, buying a home or selling a property, turn to Evanston Main Law Office for dependable legal assistance. I'll explain your rights and help you understand your options. If you don't have time to visit my office, I can advise you over the phone. You'll be surprised at how efficiently I can resolve your legal issues.

Call 847-475-4474 now to schedule a free real estate law consultation in Evanston, Illinois.

I'll oversee your case from start to finish

When you choose Evanston Main Law Office to take on your real estate law case in Evanston, Illinois, you'll benefit from personalized, dedicated assistance provided by a talented attorney. Hire me to:

  • Represent you during a sale
  • Explain your mortgage options
  • Review your sale contract to ensure fairness
  • Intervene in landlord-tenant disputes
  • Guide you through the eviction process

You'll experience peace of mind once I take on your case. Contact me today to learn more about real estate law in Evanston, Illinois.