Chapter 7 Bankruptcyin Evanston, IL

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
in Evanston, IL

Find a Bankruptcy Attorney Focusing On Chapter 7

For many Americans today, debt can become overwhelming. If you are facing the possibility of filing for bankruptcy, it’s time to chat with attorney Roger Simon of Evanston Main Law Office about filing for Illinois Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. For residents of Evanston, IL and surrounding areas, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a fresh start.

How Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Help

Perhaps the most important advantage you’ll have is protection from your creditors’ garnishment and collection efforts. In addition to the protection you are afforded, the case is typically completed in under 6 months, and although this process can be stressful, the light at the end of the tunnel stays visible the whole time. Some debts that cannot be wiped out by Chapter 7 include:

  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Student Loans
  • Tax Debts

Attorney Simon has been settling bankruptcy cases since 1975, and will handle your case as if it were his own. Call us today at (847) 475-4474 to take the first step in resolving your debt and starting over with a clean slate.